Can I Subdivide Land with a Mortgage? Your Questions Answered

If you have a large block of land and you’re not making full use of it, you may feel that subdividing the land could be a great investment. There are a range of things you can do with a subdivision project – from a subdivide and build to create an investment property to selling off […]

Top Tips For Landscaping A Sloped Yard in Australia

Properties on steep slopes make for unique houses and gardens. Though some find a sloped backyard challenging, the landscaping opportunities are well worth the effort. Homes on sloping blocks have many advantages, from amazing views through to long-term property value. With the right strategies, you can have a beautiful, low maintenance backyard on a sloped […]

How Much Does It Cost To Level Land In Australia? | A Home Builder’s Guide

One of the most fundamental steps in the construction of a house is the levelling of land. A lot that hasn’t been correctly levelled will compromise the structural integrity and safety of the completed home. So how much does it cost to level land in Australia? The cost to level an average block in Australia […]

The Knock Down And Rebuild Process In Perth | A Step-By-Step Guide

Through purchase, inheritance, or something else, you may have acquired a nice plot where you want to build your dream house. It’s perfect–quiet neighbourhood, great landscapes, fresh air and nearby conveniences. The only thing you need to do is to get rid of the old house sitting on the property. The process of knocking down […]

Building on a Sloping Block: The Best Solutions For Your Dream Home

Australia has a lot of sloping terrain as part of what makes our landscape so unique. Some of the country’s most breathtaking homes are built on hillsides that provide proud homeowners panoramic views of the magnificent city skyline, white-sand shores, or beautiful bushland. If you’re now also planning to build your dream home on a […]

What is a House Behind a House? Backyard Houses Explained

Many homeowners have a reasonably sized backyard. People opt for larger properties, so they have room for pets, children or throwing the occasional BBQ. But for some, that larger piece of land may sit there, unused. That’s why more and more Australians are utilising that space and investing in building a second house behind their […]

Dual Occupancy Homes On Narrow Blocks: Is It Possible?

Do you know how to unlock the full potential of a narrow block? It’s possible to add value to your land by building dual occupancy homes on a narrow block. If done correctly, dual occupancy designs can provide more living and parking space, as well as maximising return on investment.  Dual occupancy means that in […]

What is The Minimum Lot Size for R20 Zoning? R-Codes Decoded

R-Codes Decoded: What is the minimum lot size for R20 Zoning?

When subdividing or developing property in Perth, it’s essential to know the minimum lot sizes for different density zones. R20 is the most common zoning code in Perth, so if you’re planning to develop in the suburbs, it’s likely you’ll be working with an R20 zoned block.  If your property is zoned as R20, you […]

Building on Irregular Lots: What You Need To Consider Before Construction

Building on Irregular Lots: What you need to consider before construction

Irregular lots are an excellent opportunity to create something unique. From a developer’s perspective, it is a design challenge that allows them to use the full extent of their skills. From an owner’s perspective, they have the chance to build a custom home tailored to their needs. It may just be the perfect place to […]

How Do I Become an Owner Builder in WA?

How do I become an owner builder in WA?

Do you have a creative vision for your future dream home? If you’re the type of person who loves to coordinate a complex project, or you’d prefer to control every single cost of the build yourself, there are several options out there for hands-on owners to get involved. You may have also heard on the […]