Custom Designed Homes

Future Proof Your Home For Your Later Years

Custom designed home - future proof your home

Are you thinking of building your forever home? One very important piece of advice I can offer is think of access in your home for down the track, we are all getting older and even though we may not feel it, somewhere down the track you will wish you had thought about your later years…

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Why Your Builder Should Design Your Custom Designed Home

Why your builder should design your home

Have you ever wanted to build the home of your dreams but had no idea where to start? One of the biggest hurdles to ensure that your dream home is designed to your needs, budget and for the construction process to runs smoothly is to choose the right builder. An In House Designer Means Convenience…

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Finishing touches

There’s nothing more exciting than knowing that your new home is nearly ready for you to move in. Our client’s house in Como has reached that stage, the cabinets are in tiling and glass splash backs are complete, the plumbing finals (taps, toilets, basins, sinks and troughs) are in. The electrical finals – (Power points…

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Custom designed homes on small & difficult blocks

Custom designed homes on small & difficult blocks - Central Avenue Homes

Central Avenue Homes have been building custom designed homes in Perth and surrounding areas since 1998 and lock up homes since 2004. The great Australian dream of owning a large home with a huge backyard is shrinking, with the average lot size in Perth steadily decreasing since 2008. In June 2015 the average block size was 411…

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