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Making Your Dream Home A Reality

Your home is the backdrop to life’s most important events – birthdays, holidays, firsts and family photos. But it’s the day-to-day moments that matter too. There’s nothing more satisfying than waking up each morning in a house designed to suit your unique needs.

When you picture yourself and your family in five, ten or twenty years’ time, everything sits against the backdrop of your beloved home. Your future isn’t picked from a standardised catalogue – so why should your home be any different?

We established Central Avenue Homes to make custom-designed homes a reality for all of our clients, no matter the size of the project.

The truth is that it doesn’t take millions of dollars to live in your dream home – you just need the right team to make it happen. And when it comes to custom-built homes in Perth, Central Avenue Homes has been delivering exceptional results since 1998.

How Does Custom Building Work?

When it comes to designing your dream home, we start with you – your lifestyle, needs and, yes, your budget. But because we start with an overall cost in mind, we can work with you to factor in the expenses at every stage of your unique house design.

It’s just part of the secret to building affordable custom homes, designed for WA’s climate. 

Before we commence the initial design and costing process, we carry out a professional site assessment. With decades of industry experience, we know exactly what to look for – and while not all Perth home builders take the time to do this, we see it as absolutely essential. 

This comprehensive site assessment ensures all site-related costs are accurate from the outset. This means we provide you – our client – with a complete overview of the project costs before you put pen to paper.

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Every Home We Build Is a Partnership With Our Clients

Our 6 Step Process For Custom Builds

Building a custom-designed home doesn’t have to be daunting. Our signature 6 step process takes the pain out of building a custom home, and we have hundreds of happy customers in Perth to prove it. From concept design to completion, see how it all happens below!

You will work closely with our in-house designer Ashleigh. This stage is all about translating your vision into a unique home design. All designs focus on your lifestyle, needs and budget.

There’s no need to select tiles or paint colours just yet – the preliminary design phase focuses on the bigger picture, considering design, flow and layout.

This is also where you decide which construction method best suits your requirements. At Central Avenue Homes, we’ve mastered both traditional and lightweight construction methods, giving you the flexibility to meet your key goals.

When you are happy with the design it will be costed in detail, providing you with a comprehensive specification.

A preliminary agreement – also known as a PPA (Preparation of Plan Agreement) is signed when you accept the design and contract quotation we have produced.
If required, your plans will be prepared for development approval (DA). We liaise with the local authority to ensure your new development is granted approval, keeping the process stress-free for you.

You will meet one-on-one with our dedicated pre-start consultant and company director, Lee. This is when we decide on the details, making the final selections on all the finishing touches.

During this stage, we finalise the construction plans for building approval. We also produce your building contract documents.

This is when it all comes together!

During the final and most exciting stage, our experienced site supervisor Kyel coordinates the building construction. This takes place with oversight and regular consultation from both the owner and registered builder, keeping you informed and involved as your new home takes shape.

Kyel has over 17 years of building experience in the WA building industry and has developed excellent working relationships with all of our contractors. Many of our trades have been working with us for decades, and we select only the highest quality building partners to ensure a high-quality finish is achieved.

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Central Avenue Homes Specifications

As Perth’s premier custom builder, we offer flexibility and freedom of choice throughout the design and build process.

Choose from our standard inclusions and silver specifications or decide on custom specifications, with costings available for each. All of our homes are quoted with the silver specifications.

You can view our specification options and an example of custom specifications via the links below:


If you’d like any further information on inclusions or specifications, please contact us via phone or email us at

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