Our Quality Construction

Our Quality Construction

Delivering Quality First

Our Quality Construction

We have found that our clients want flexibility, they want to explore different construction methods available and determine what is best suited to their lifestyle.

We have drawn on our years of experience and relationships with key industry members to offer our clients both traditional and alternative construction methods.

Our experience enables our team to practice a diverse range of construction methods without deviating from our core ethos of delivering quality first.


Traditional Construction

In Perth’s competitive building market we continue to maintain our focus on quality first. This provides our clients with a superior home or development which secures their investment when they choose to build with traditional construction methods.

How we do it differently

  • Engineered concrete slab on ground.
  • Double brickwork to both lower and upper floors.
  • 3c concrete suspended slab which offers  greater thermal mass and sound insulation.
  • Dove tailed battens and plasterboard to the underside of all suspended slabs ensuring a seamless finish to ground floor ceilings.
  • Engineered steel roof structure built to last with a 50 year material and 25 year engineering warranty which far exceeds industry standards.
  • As always, the ability to completely customise your home.


Using lightweight construction, we can construct highly insulated homes that offer increased energy efficiency, better value and faster build times for our clients. The entire exterior of these homes are texture coated giving the lightweight structure a contemporary rendered appearance.


  • Superior wall insulation to slow heat loss and gain
  • Reduced thermal mass allowing your home to cool quickly in Summer
  • Fast build times to reduce which reduce the cost for our clients
  • Concrete slab to ground floors
  • Superior texture coated finish to the entire exterior


How We Do It?

We are one of the few builders in Perth that are equipped to offer FastBuild, an innovative building technology that ensures we build double storey homes in a fast and cost effective manner.

  • We use newly developed house-lifting technology to construct the upper floor first and seamlessly raise it into place.
  • Months can be wiped off double storey construction.
  • Building time up to 30 % faster
    • Lifted in 1 day.
    • No waiting for scaffold adjustments
    • More onsite space for materials and trades
    • Less trades visit the site
  • Reduced costs by up to 25%
    • No scaffolding costs
    • No hoists or cranes
    • No working at heights costs
    • less interest and rent to pay
  • Higher quality
    • Roof & gutters completed at ground level
    • External render and features done at ground level
    • Less trades visit the site making the process less complex and easier construction
    • Time & cost saving can be spend on provisional works or options.