How Much Does it Cost to Build to Lock-up Stage?

Building a brand new home is a huge accomplishment – however, it’s also one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your lifetime. For that reason, many budding homeowners in Australia are looking for ways to reduce the cost of their new home’s construction.  Other than being an owner builder, one of the more popular […]

Site Works Explained: What to Expect for New Home Construction

There’s more to building your dream house than just laying bricks. Before you even pour the slab, you’ll need to make sure the lot is ready to be built on, and that means site works. But what exactly are site works, and how necessary are they? Site works is everything done to prepare a lot […]

Benefits Of Passive Home Design For Perth’s Climate

Living in Perth’s climate, you’ll be glad to know there are innovative ways to keep you comfortable all year around – without the cost of constantly running an air conditioner! Passive  home design can help create the perfect indoor climate and keep your energy bills down as well.  Passive design homes are built with the […]

Is It Cost-Effective To Demolish And Rebuild Your Perth Home? 

Did you know that up to 30% of all homes built in Australia are demolish-and-build projects? This increase in demand is mainly traced to land scarcity in popular capital city suburbs, including Perth’s more densely populated areas. There are many benefits to knock down and rebuild projects, so it’s easy to see why it’s becoming […]

Understanding Building Contracts in WA: A Beginner’s Guide

When building a house in Western Australia, parties involved have to sign a contract which binds and obliges them to comply with the conditions. A building contract is designed to protect both parties in the building process, and ensures everyone is on the same page before construction gets started. But what exactly is a building […]

Building A Granny Flat in WA: Everything You Need To Know

Are you one of many Aussies trying to maximise your backyard by building a granny flat? You’ve probably heard about all the great benefits a granny flat offers — somewhere private for your parents to stay, personal space for a teenage kid, or even a rental for private tenants.  Deciding on building a granny flat […]

Subdivision Costs in Perth, WA | What Does It Cost in 2022? Is It Profitable?

Subdividing your property is a strategic way to infuse new life into an existing block of land. Thanks to Perth’s ongoing urban sprawl, there are now plenty of viable reasons to turn your home or business premises into multiple lots. But how much will it cost you to subdivide a block in Perth? The amount […]

How Long Does It Take To Build A House in Perth? 2022 Guide

A house is generally the most important purchase you will make in your life. As such, it is only normal to want to know how long it takes to have a new house constructed in Western Australia. A custom home build in Perth can be a lengthy process compared to buying an existing property, but […]

Can Foreigners Buy Land in Western Australia? | Your Questions Answered

Australia is an amazing place to buy land and property, regardless of whether you are a born and bred local or a non-resident looking to take up down under. However, you may be wondering if foreigners, non-residents, and temporary residents are even allowed to own land in the country.  Yes, foreigners can purchase land in […]

Owner Builder vs Licensed Builder: Which Is Right for You?

If you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and build the house of your dreams, the next step is to decide how you’ll build your new property. Working with a licensed builder is the most common choice in Australia, but there are alternatives, like being an owner builder.  However, taking charge of your home’s construction […]