What is The Minimum Lot Size for R20 Zoning? R-Codes Decoded

When subdividing or developing property in Perth, it’s essential to know the minimum lot sizes for different density zones. R20 is the most common zoning code in Perth, so if you’re planning to develop in the suburbs, it’s likely you’ll be working with an R20 zoned block.  If your property is zoned as R20, you […]

Building on Irregular Lots: What You Need To Consider Before Construction

Irregular lots are an excellent opportunity to create something unique. From a developer’s perspective, it is a design challenge that allows them to use the full extent of their skills. From an owner’s perspective, they have the chance to build a custom home tailored to their needs. It may just be the perfect place to […]

How Do I Become an Owner Builder in WA?

Do you have a creative vision for your future dream home? If you’re the type of person who loves to coordinate a complex project, or you’d prefer to control every single cost of the build yourself, there are several options out there for hands-on owners to get involved. You may have also heard on the […]

What Is Considered a Small or Narrow Lot in Perth?

Looking at the property market in Western Australia, there’s one clear trend: the average lot size is gradually getting smaller. More and more often, building a new home in Perth is all about making the most of a small block. And this isn’t just in Australia – cities worldwide are seeing an increase in high-density […]

How Long Does it Take to Subdivide Land in WA?

Do you have a family home on a large block you’d like to subdivide? Perhaps you have a Perth investment property you could divide into smaller lots for profit. Either way, the timeline is crucial when you’re making big decisions about the future of your property. If you’re just starting to plan your next steps, […]